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Capital Provision has been brought online to introduce you to an extremely profitable opportunity by offering a simple, low-risk investment environment to our final client.

We have been operating in the Business-to-Business (B2B) short-term loans since 2015. Our legal entity, Capital Provision Ltd, was established in Victoria, Seychelles, in 2014.

B2B loans move millions of dollars every day around the globe and our specialty, e-commerce B2B loans, are expected to grow more. It is well known that this market is fast paced with no room for mistakes, and working directly with companies in the B2B market provides us and our clients with a fast turnaround time and decent profit amounts in relatively short periods of time. Liquidity is the main factor of this market.

After learning from our own mistakes, we mastered trading skills and we are capable of achieving a profitable and stable investment structure. Opening our business to the general public is part of an expansion plan our company is currently undertaking. By merging investments from the general public, we are increasing our liquidity and it is offering wider business opportunities. This means more profit and cash flow volumes for us; profits that are being shared with our clients through Capital Provision’s platform.

After working on this project for almost a year, we are proud to launch it to the public. At the moment, we have legal and financial processes ready to make sure we provide a safe and low-risk environment for all of our clients. Capital Provision has a simple registration form, and we do not require document verification to start investing. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Investment Plans

Success is a long, tortuous path, but hard work and strategy will lead the way to a successful and established business that will provide wealth for those who partake. Our clients are our number one priority and we will take all the necessary measures to ensure we walk this path together.

  Capital +20% Capital +50% Capital +90%
Min-Max USD $5 to $500 $501 to $5,000 $5,001 to $25,000
Min-Max BTC ฿0.01 to ฿1 ฿1.01 to ฿10 ฿10.01 to ฿50
Plan Term 2% daily for 10 days 2.5% daily for 20 days 3% daily for 30 days
Principal Back Back Back

Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1 or ฿0.0001

Why Capital Provision?

“Everyone has dreams and wishes they left behind because they couldn’t afford it at a certain moment of their lives or because they never had an opportunity like Capital Provision in front of them before. Take a step closer to realizing your dreams and stop wasting any more time; become a part of our community today, set up goals and catch your financial freedom!” - Oliver Hooper, Founder and CEO.

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    We have finally decided to open our investment pool to the general public after several years of successful business strategies to make a profit with B2B loans... Read more

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